Anyone still using Polar S710/S720 or S725? (or has everyone gone garmin?)
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    Anyone still using Polar S710/S720 or S725? (or has everyone gone garmin?)

    I bought a S720 in about 2002, and have used it on and off since then. Its had two batteries and I've collected up three sets of speedo and cadence sensors. With all the parts I have, and the fact the Garmin 705 must surely be due for replacement soon, I'd like to get the most out of the Polar for another year. I've always just used it to log rides and look at later. I'd now like to work out how to:

    1) load exercises from Polarprotrainer5 to the watch and then do them (such as interval sessions, and also such as the downloaded polar training plans from
    2) load a calendar of exercises in if possible? Not sure if it can do this.

    Anyone out there able to explain how they get the most from their S720, and possibly someone whos gone from S720 to Garmin 705 could say how the garmin site compares for training plans?

    I have tried mapmyride, but find it very clunky


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    I can't answer your question because I have a written plan that I use and just use the devices to collect the data to download to analyze later. But here are some thoughts.

    From a workout point ot view, unless you go to power and learn how to train with power, I would say, stick with the Polar S720 its a better HRM than Garmin. Having GPS is cute but it doesn't make you train better. A good book for training with HR is "Heart Zones Cycling". It will layout everything you need to know about HR training.

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    I just went to the Node 2 and Duotrap sensor with HR strap. I get cadence, speed and heart rate with that. Before that, I was using my iPhone with MapMyRide and that worked quite well, but did not provide heart rate. I'm in it for the heart rate zones. The maps and distance are great to track progress, but it depends what you are looking for. By the way, thanks Rock for the suggestion on the Heart Zones Cycling book, I'll be looking that one up.

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    I use the older Polar X-Trainer Plus. It downloads with the old serial, (converted to USB) Polar Interface Plus.
    I mostly use the HRM on my solo training rides, and use the record keeping for everything else. (hard to look at the thing when you're on a balls out group ride)
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