anyone using leg shims?
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    anyone using leg shims?

    I havn't measured it but my fitter said my left leg is shorter, his test is using bottom of stroke and see how much I can heel down, the left heel could drop less than the right side
    It doesn't seem that accurate.. I mean it could be just a flexibility issue. Anyway the saddle height is compromised between the two without shims.

    I've been riding that for over 1 year but I have been thinking of trying a 2 or 3mm shim to see if I can relief the IT band syndrome flare ups on the left side. It seems the left leg might be over extending and I heard this can cause IT band tightness. I am nowhere close to ankling though, the saddle is already fairly low.

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    Seems like a weird way to "measure" leg length. Besides simple flexibility issues having an effect, it's also based on the assumption to you're seated exactly 'square' on your saddle. It's awfully easy to cheat to one side or the other enough to make a difference in that 'measurement', while the shift itself may not be perceptible at all.

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