CoQ10 newbie question - Instant energy boost possible?
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    CoQ10 newbie question - Instant energy boost possible?

    I took my first CoQ10 60Mg today about 2 hours before a workout. I had asked my new cardiologist about it since I take 10Mg Crestor and he said it was a good idea, but that it is still not recommended as standard treatment for statin takers. Something about not enough research yet to establish it as a gold standard.

    I was surprised at how expensive it was.

    I know it has been marketed in body building and health food stores as an energy booster, but I thought it was hype.

    So my question is. How quickly does it work? Is it possible that 1 dose could have an effect as an energy boost?

    I had a great ride about 2 hours after taking it and I don't know if the stars were aligned properly or what but I felt stronger and terriffic (fall colors, crisp air, no wind etc.). It seems almost impossible that there could be any effect so quickly from 1 dose, given that its ability to boost energy is a dubious claim, but I was flying.

    Anyone have any clue here?

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    I took CoQ10 after I found out that statins interfere with its production in the liver. I did not notice any energy increase, but I was already off the statin at the time. CoQ10 is used by the heart so its possible that if you had low levels in your body, then getting up to normal levels may have resulted in a feeling of more energy. I don't see how having more than the body can use in your system would increase engergy, but having too little may have lowered your energy.

    I am a firm believer that if you are taking a statin, then CoQ10 should also be taken.

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    CoQ10 is some good stuff. It definitely will wake you up a bit when you first start taking it. Not a wired-on-caffeine buzz, but more of an increased awareness type thing. Hard to explain.

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    From what I've read you've got to take CoQ10 if you are on the statins. My dad's doc urged him to after he complained of chronic muscle weakness. He is on Zocor, has had a bypass at 79 and is now 83. Still the doc was quick to agree that CoQ10 was a good idea. See what happens when you start taking the statins? You've got to off-set the impact with something else, but at least it's natural and over the counter. CoQ10 at 25 mg is in Living Fuel, a replacement food I am taking as a supplement as I attempt to get my cholesterol down without meds. At 50, I'd rather ride all week then take a statin.

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