As some of you who saw an old post from me saying that I was sick for 3 weeks, without riding or doing any kind of sport. Well, now I`m trying to get back to my original fitness level, that I had before the illness.

I was doing the Morris plan, and was in the late MSPO phase. I was racing and placing very well in those races.
Now, i`ve training this two weeks, for long periods of time, like an endurance phase, but with some intervals (leadout, sprint intervals, and short climbing intervals). I can`t do any interval for the time I did it before..., max two or three mins. But when I`m doing the sprints and leadout intervals, I can reach the same speed (sorry, no power meter) that I had before (for that reason I think that I haven`t lost power, just endurance to complete those long, grueling MSPO intervals).
So I was planing to start doing some SMSP intervals, with 4 mins max, and then we´ll see how my body answers to that.
My main concern, is that I don`t want to think that the ilness take all my fitness away, and I`ll have to start from the beginning (I`m in the middle of my season).

So, what do you think, will be the best to do?

Thanks, a lot, for your answers.!