Purchased my first Tri-bike...now to find my first Triathlon...TIPS?
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    Purchased my first Tri-bike...now to find my first Triathlon...TIPS?

    Hey guys (and ladies), so I recently sold my old cannondale for a my first, budget-friendly Tri-bike....A cherry 2005 Felt S23. I know its a bit old school but i already put close to 200mi on it in the last month and I gotta say love the bike. (Nice to have a bike that fits me correctly)

    A bit about me, I bought this bike to get into some triathlon training this next year which I have never done before...I consider myself to be well conditioned for training at competitive levels of wrestling & boxing but at 30yo they both take a major toll on the body. I run quite frequently and can manage about a 5:45 mi time. Just ran my first 10k ever last week and placed 14th out of 2300 people with a 43min time. Im not a very fast swimmer but I can manage a long distance swim.

    So my questions is basically what should I focus most on for training for my first triathlon? What should I expect? Best improvements I can make on my bike? Proper etiquette? Any advice really...not even sure how these events work, just doing my online research.

    Like I said, Im super new at all this and fairly new to cycling. But I have the need to train. Thanks again!
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    back when I had functioning knees, I enjoyed doing short-course tris, but could never commit the training time to be all that competitive. the people I knew that were good at them were all-consumed with training regimens. it became their life-style, not a hobby.

    if you're not a fast swimmer, try to place yourself at the outer edge of the pack rather than in the middle...faster swimmers will often pummel others when overtaking them.

    don't expend your energy too quickly, no sense burning up things in the water and/or on the bike and then having nothing left for the run...gotta pace yourself thru all three legs.

    do a few races, see if you enjoy the scene...if you like it, you'll never have to worry about having any spare time.
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    I have Marshaled a Tri series for several years now and they have a newbe category for all first timers. I would suggest making your first Tri a sprint distance. it sounds like you have a good running and cycling base to start. I would put a tad more focus on swimming because that's where I see a lot of newbe's struggle. Good luck and keep us posted on your training and how you do once you take that next step.

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