Wahoo KICKR w/ Fitness App vs Segments app
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    Wahoo KICKR w/ Fitness App vs Segments app

    I like the segments app very much except for one thing… it's tougher then the actual rides and the wahoo fitness app. I mean I can grind up a 12+ slope seated, but on the segments app I gotta be standing.. there are also plenty of gentle 1-2% that I don't even feel on real rides.. but segments they sneak up on me over time. No issue using the fitness app and setting SIM mode uphill..cakewalk. Anyone else using a KICKR w/segments experiencing the something. I don't mind it being a little harder.. but I think it's a lot harder.
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    Yep, noticing the same thing. I just got mine this weekend. I think they will sort it out a little better as we go along. I rode 3 different segments this morning for a total ride time of 1 hour 45 minutes. I really like the idea of doing a warm up then riding a segment, then riding base power for 15 minutes or so then doing another segment. Really keeps you engaged more then just plodding along at a certain wattage for that long.
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