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    Wrist pain...

    I recently started road riding, been on a MTB for a number of years and I've run into some wrist pain. When riding the MTB, in the past, I haven't had to deal with this so I'm kind at a loss. I've been basically on the road bike all spring, only two MTB rides, so I know it's the road bike that is causing it. I was fit for the bike, but did feel stretched out so I flipped the stem to give a 16deg rise and really lower the drop from saddle to bars. When I'm in the drops everything feels good so I don't think a shorter stem is the answer. I have searched the web, but all I seem to come across is wrist pain that deals with carpel tunnel and numbness in the finger and thumbs. My pain is on the outside part of the wrist, slightly up the forearm. While riding everything seems fine, hands and wrist are ok...no real pain...After riding however I get little stabs when I move my hand around in certain ways. It's not a constant pain or anything like that. I'm doing ice after the rides and that seems to keep things in check. I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with this type of pain and any possible remedies. I do know that I'm not the most flexible person in the world and my abs and back not the strongest. I'm wondering that maybe as time goes on and I get stronger that everything will just work it's way out. I do try to vary my position on the bars and stretch while I ride. I'd hate to be doing some permanent damage here...


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    Probably adaptation

    What you have sounds very much like just needing to adapt to the new experience of road riding. Different position, different reach, etc. causing some inflamation of the tendon. One thing to do (besides your icing) is to ride in different positions more often. Keep changing your hand position on the bars during the ride to spread the pressure around. I'd expect this to resolve in a month or two.

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    watch out that it does not radiate to your hand. if it does not go away relatively soon go see a doctor.

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