1985 Fuji League
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    1985 Fuji League

    Just picked this up off Humboldt Craigslist for 200 bucks:

    1985 League Fuji (58 cm)

    Powdercoat and single-speed conversion done by previous owner, with big honkin' bars, TRP RRL-SR levers, Portland Design Works 700x30 fenders. Pedals were Eggbeater 3s.

    Original parts are the Sugino RT crankset and 110 x 42T chainring, Dia-Compe 400 calipers, Sugino SP-KC seatpost, and Suntour LaPree shifters. (I think the shifters were not group-specific, they look like most PowerRatchet shifters I've seen.) I also got the original bar and stem, both Nittos. The B114 bars measure 40 cm outside at the ends... so likely 39s... on a 58 cm frame! What were they thinking?? (Those are going to the Bike Kitchen, along with the rear wheel.)

    I've got two rear derailleurs... one is a clean 9 speed XTR take-off, the other is a new-in-box 1980 Suntour Superbe. I'll probably use the XTR, because this bike is gonna be my main transportation. (I don't drive anymore) But that Suntour would be sooo sweet on this bike... (Yes, everyone should be pitying me right now, because my life sucks.)

    Adjusted seat and bars, swapped the Eggbeaters for the MKS Sylvans that she gave me with the bike, and took her out for a spin. Well, not really a spin, with my out-of-shape ass on a 42-16, but still. Nice riding bike. I think I'ma gonna like it a lot.

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