1988 Bianchi Superleggera

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  • 05-07-2017
    If she complains too much, drop my a line and I'll email you some pics of my parts closet. It's like a vintage bike shop but makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
  • 05-12-2017
    I understand, I have 4 complete bikes, 5 project bikes about 15 wheels hanging from the rafters. Shelves full of every imaginable part. The woman may have a point,
  • 05-13-2017
    BigJohnLA, thanks for keeping this post alive with an unfinished project. It makes me feel much more relaxed when gazing upon my Batavus Competition - 6 months and still not yet ridable.

    But that's OK as there are plenty to ride and a new project to compete with the Batavus.
  • 01-05-2018
    Well, it is now 2018 and have had the bike for two years now and it is hanging in my garage primed. I am waiting for a day with low enough humidity and high enough temperature to start the color coats. I am finally retired, I should get it painted soon. Eroica California is a little over three months away. I will post pics soon hopefully.
  • 01-11-2018
    I second that

    Originally Posted by velodog View Post
    If you're wantin' to go straight friction, I'd recommend you find a set of Simplex Retro-Friction shifters instead of Campagnolo shifters. They are incredibly smooth operating. It was a pretty standard up grade in the day.

    VeloBase.com - Component: Simplex SLJ, Retro-Friction (later version)

    On my bike. The rest of the group is Super Record.

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    I'll second that on the Simplex Retro-Friction shifters. I have them on my '86 Bridgestone 500 and they are by fare the nicest friction shifters I have ever used. Not only are they smooth operating, but they feel nice to the touch.
  • 09-09-2018
    9 months later and I have still not made much headway on getting this bike built. Last spring was a disaster. A death in the family caused me to cancel the Eroica trip for the second year in a row. I lost my momentum on the build. I am currently training for an Ms150 and have gotten back into golf. After playing about 1 or two times a year, I am playing twice a week and sometimes three. I am shooting in the 70s and have my handicap down to 5. I have mellowed quite a bit, and instead of losing my mind I am just pfffttt big deal. Fortunately, the MS training has gotten my cycling juices flowing pretty good again. I started back working on the bike. I am lacing up the wheels. Figured, if I could get one thing completed it would make it easier to get some momentum. The biggest hiccup is going to be the paint. The humidity in south Louisiana rarely gets low enough for an amateur to do a good job.
  • 05-29-2019
    Well, another 8 months and still not much progress. Missed Eroica California again. My nephew is getting married in California in 10 days. I could not afford two trips out there in one year. Hope to get the frame painted next month.