Please Help Identify My Bianchi
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    Please Help Identify My Bianchi

    Hi all,

    First time poster, and newbie bike builder too. Here goes...

    Came by this 'Bianchi' frame cheap. Seemed like a good frame, lightweight steel alloy, nice butting - built it up and it rides pretty well. But still got that itch of whether it is truly a Bianchi, and if so what model/year. Didn't come with any components. Just frame minus forks.

    Frame received newly, and it turns out poorly, resprayed (paint is discolouring and coming away quickly).

    Decals seem to be a mix. Columbus Gara Tretubi, bianchi dacals and 'head badge' decal all suggested possibly a mid-90s Vento? But no model number on the top tube (604, 606 etc).

    However, also has a Campione Del Mundo Colorado Springs 1986-87 deal on the down tube.. which is confusing.

    Serial number hasn't helped at all. C56 on drive side of BB and 0350 on non-drive side.

    Anyone got any ideas??


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    you might try the

    the only thing i can help with is your cockpit. your rear brake housing is way too long and the cable should be routed on the other side of the stem/head tube. look at pics online. the cable should only be long enough to turn the wheel as far as it goes in both directions without binding.
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    Post it is the classic and vintage section of the website above. There are a couple of people who post there that have a lot of knowledge on these. Gara is mid level Columbus tubing. The components may help identify the bike if they are original. Campy Veloce was used a lot on 90ís mid range Bianchi. 8 speed would put it early to mid 90ís , 9 speed would be a little newer.

    If it fits you that bike will make a nice rider. Enjoy!

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    He says he got the frame only.

    Resprayed frame without original fork could mean the bike was in an accident.
    Whatever decals they slapped on after the respray really mean nothing.

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    Sorry to say, but I think you got shystered. That paint is just all wrong. Even if it were a real Bianchi, I agree with Mackers that it was likely in a crash. I would just move on from this frame.
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