Ritchey Road Logic
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    Ritchey Road Logic

    Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

    As an introduction to the forum I thought I'd see how many ritchey fans are on this forum. The recent release of the new frames has reignited my appreciation for his frames. Pre ordered the P29 as soon as it was announced and have not regretted that purchase for a second.

    I have been eyeing off the road logic 2.0 (and the swisscross if I'm honest) but when I came across an original road logic in my sizeI couldn't resist the classic appeal (and smaller impact on the wallet).

    In the process of stripping down my old bike (soulless alloy carbon frame) and ordering a couple of extra parts.

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    Mid '90s vintage. Not enough 'O's in smooth to describe the ride.
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