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    Beautiful bikes! I never get tired of seeing steel Specialized steeds. I almost snagged a Merz or 3Rensho Allez once (hard to tell from the pics, but it wasn't a standard Allez), and still regret not sticking around for the finish of the Ebay auction. Sigh...

    The Specialized designers said earlier in the thread that the tubing may have some from a variety of Japanese tubing manufacturers and was possibly finished by Tange and perhaps others. When they moved production to Taiwan, that may have changed. Barring internal company documents coming out, that's probably about as much information as we're likely to get.

    Be careful with the geometry. At some point, the Sirrus was given a more touring geometry. It lost the racing geometry that had made it successful and got dropout eyelets and a more relaxed ride. I'm not sure quite when the changeover occurred, but likely around 1992-93, or so, give or take a year. Your's looks to have the race geometry like the Allezs, but at some point it did change.

    However, these could just be internet rumors so I want to be sure to offer the caveat that I have no first-hand verification for this - only that they share the same geometry and are both described as "double butted chromoly frames with investment cast lugs."

    Having put the Sirrus literally side by side with my '86 Allez Se, they are the same, right down to the lugs and the hardware (mostly). The only visible construction differences are the fork crown (semi-sloping on the SE, unicrown on the Sirrus), and the bottom bracket and cable guides (over the bracket on the SE, under the bracket on the Sirrus, which changed the position of the identical cable eyelets). Otherwise, materiel-wise they're virtually identical. Unless someone can verify that they used different tubing, I'd say they are the same frame. And, even if the tubing did come from different sources, metallurgically it was likely made to the same specs, based upon what was said previously in the thread. I'll post some pictures if anyone would like to see the side by side comparison - the same right down to the pump peg and chain hangar.

    I can verify...the Sirrus was available in 1987, with Shimano New 105. I have owned 3 of them over the years...finally found one that fit. :-) Six speed rear mech was standard back then on these. Sweet riding bikes and identical frame to the Allez SE and Allez. OH, and on edit... I recall that the Sirrus/Allez in '87 were Tange #2 tubing. The '86 SE (I just bought one on ebay tonight!) were Specialized's special tubing as referenced elsewhere in this thread, I believe.

    My '87 Sirrus is here, fresh back from paint and awaiting completion of re-hanging parts:
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    Iím actually going to see a vintage Allez. Is there a way to identify by the serial number?
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