Well, was busy again.

I traded off the Concorde cross frame I did for this awesome old Bianchi SuperLeggera from the mid 1980's. I contacted Greg at Cyclomondo again for the same decals that were on it, and then decided after picking up last month's Cycle Sport Magazine to switch directions and replicate a 1970's Bianchi like Gimondi would have ridden, especially since Gimondi is a hero of mine.

Anyway, it took some time and mixing of various paints to find the perfect pale Celeste that would have been used in the 1970's.

I did the usual, strip the old paint completely off the bike, prep the frame, prime and paint, decal and build.

Painting was a little difficult because of the nickle plating on the frame. I wish there was chrome on the stays, but c'est la vie.

I built it up with a full Campagnolo Nuovo Record gruppo.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures. This is a great bike.

I have a couple other projects coming up for my friends at Cyclepath, in Thunder Bay, including another Bianchi and a Faema Team Bike.

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What was underneath the old paint:

After coming back from the paint booth:

...to be continued...