Wow. Dream bike up for sale locally...
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    Wow. Dream bike up for sale locally...

    "Schwinn Red Phantom, 1951. THIS IS NOT A REPRODUCTION, original. Has original Phantom white wall tires. In mint condition, no scratches. Has been kept in house, never ridden. Everything is correct as when purchased. Great bike for your collection, very sought after and very rare to find one this condition. Have all manuals and receipts when purchase. This is the Red Phantom, they made Red and Black. This is a rare find, don't miss out.

    $3,200.00 cash. Please call Danny"

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    I dunno.....$3200 for a bike that's supposedly not a reproduction, yet not a single photo of the 22 posted is in focus? I smell a rat here.....

    FWIW, is a pristine, original 1950 Schwinn Phantom WORTH $3200?
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    Anyone legit would post a serial #.

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    Still on CL - after 13 days.

    At least it does not say....'motivated to move this item very quickly.'

    Only a serious collector would consider paying that money.... so, if not genuine the collector should know.

    For someone who doesn't collect and has enough money to enjoy it - well, everybody has fantasies - just call Danny @ "Houston, we have a problem here"

    Life goes on.

    I would love to have a bike from my birth year - original and in that condition. But not that bike or any mid-weight. I live in hills East of Seattle, near mountains - and every one of my dozen+ vintage bikes is a geared rider. Tho' none are as old.

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    What kid gets a brand new bike and doesn't throw his leg over it and fly?

    Not only is there not a clear photo, there isn't even a blurry photo of he paperwork. P.T. Barnum comes to mind.
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    Iím guessing itís one of the reproductions they did in the 90ís...

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