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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi
    actually, the CAAD7 i was looking at was the R700, which comes with full 105 drivetrain, except for the rear derailleur which is Ultegra. So, I would say that it is comparable to the Scott S2. My LBS currently has the R700 at retail price for $1200, but they have the Scott S2 triple on sale for $900.

    It was just completely odd how the shop guy steered me away from the Scotts, basically based on frame alone. But the more I read about the Scott frames, the more I question the advice of the shop guy who helped me. I think I"m going to get a second opinion.
    Well i don't know about the shop guy but the Scott frame is great! Let me know when you are about to buy your new bike . Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinmcdade
    Don't be mistaken by the names that are very similar. There is the "Team Issue" and there is the "Team" The Team Issue is the model with the lighter frame. The Pro and the Team share the same frame but the Pro is one level of components up on the Team and is FULL Ultegra 10. The Team has full 105. I got my Pro Ultegra for $2500 discounted from $3200.
    There are two frames: The Team and the Pro. The Team is also sold as the Limited, Team Issue and Team. They are all the exact same frame. This is the top frame regardless of component group. The next frame is the Pro.

    From Pez cycling news:

    CR1Pro Versus CR1 Team
    The CR1 Pro is the more affordable brother of Scott's high-tech, lightweight race bike the CR1 Team edition (ridden by the Saunier Duval-Prodir team). We tested this bike last year and were duly impressed by the big value from its high level of spec (Dura-Ace), super light weight (under 15lbs.), combo of stable ride and responsive handling, and overall ride comfort. Priced around $5300, it’s at the low-end for bikes at its level.

    The CR1 Pro takes the best qualities of the CR1 Team (weight, level of spec, and price), and offers them to the mid-range price market, here’s how…

    The Weight:

    The CR1 Pro frame is the same design and build process of the CR1 Team, but actually weighs a whole 100 grams more! It’s still made with their own high modulus carbon fiber, built from tubes made in house to their own specs, but with a slightly different carbon blend that is less costly to produce and weighs the tiny bit more. The CR1 Pro frame weighs about 980 grams (sans fork) – which is like 2.1 lbs. While the Team frame weighs about 880 grams.

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