Looking for some advice on restoring my Serotta Davis Phinney circa 1990/91. I bent the dropout when the chain I didn't maintain well enough split, snagged the derailleur, and took the dropout with it. The bike is made from Columbus SLX steel. Is anyone familiar with having done similar repairs? Anything to keep an eye out for?

The bike has been sitting around for over 10 years now and I started racing on it so I would love to fix it up and have it as my Sunday ride bike. The LBS says he can fix it up but should I go to a frame shop? I also am concerned about the paint as it was a classic 90s neon green to black fade. Wonder if clamping the metal to repair it will damage the existing paint forcing me to repaint it. The "DP" decals are classic. I wouldnt want to repaint the whole thing unless I had to - has anyone ever had a good partial paint job?

The bike is in storage but I will post some pics when I get a chance.