Ottrott, so smooth
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    Ottrott, so smooth

    Have been riding a borrowed Ottrott for a few months. The ride is incredibly smooth, tranforms the ride experience on roads I know every inch of. Very impressive. I've ridden many bikes but this is the one I would take on a ride across the US.

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    I have one. I know exactly what you mean.

    See, a lot of guys use the term "smooth" all too often when they describe their rides. Bet most of these folks have never ridden an Ottrott. The Ottrott is the best "sportive" bike out there, bar none. No disrepect for all the full titanium bikes out there, like Moots, and Lynskey, but the Ottrott is really in notch above them in term of smoothness.

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    Ottrott, so smooth

    You have to experience it to appreciate it.

    I replaced a Legend w an Ottrott, and the Ottrott is a keeper. It's my ride all day bike.
    (Just for reference I also have a Kirk and a Sachs).


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