Bike fit by seven
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    Bike fit by seven

    Just want to get your feedback about your bike fit. I am feeling uncomfortable with the result of my bike fit as I compared the result from my old frame. My complaint about my existing bike is that I feel the shoulder and back pain plus arms and hands always feeling stressed after long rides. My cycling coach told me that my bike is big for me. I am currently using an argon krypton with TT 550 cm and stem of 100 cm.

    My seven fit came out to be with a TT of 542 cm and a stem of 110cm...which is almost similar to what I have now. The angles and the TT slope by seven might play a role in making my ride more comfortable, I am not sure.

    I am no expert on bike fit. Some people told me to trust seven's fitting system as they have been doing that for many years...but I am just worried that I might end up with a very expensive mistake on this.

    Appreciate for your comment please.

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    I wouldn't trust blindly and I don't think Seven would expect you to this either. Part of their process is to have your bike shop adjust the setup on your current bike to match their recommendations as much as possible to get your feedback. Some changes can't really be tested, but is your bike shop working closely with you on this?

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    did you the bike fit at seven?

    i did mine with a bike fitter and then sent the results to seven and they made some adjustments (one I think) and then we put it back on the rig and i rode that for an hour to make sure it was all good.

    It ended up being similar to my mountain bike position, but a similar length to the road bike, with a lot longer head tube making me upright. The two lengths that you quote are half the story.

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    Much of the equation is from the bike shop. Be sure you use a shop you can trust to do a proper fitting.

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    There are other parts to the equation, seatpost setback and saddle to bar drop to just to name a few. My Seven fits like a glove. We found my maximum saddle to bar drop (belly limit) and built the bike from there up. I only have 3k miles on my bike but love it.

    A few weeks ago I road it up Mt. Evans in CO, almost 7k vertical over 28 miles to an elevation of 14130 feet .... the road is rough ... and the Seven really helped tame it up and down.

    Here's my bit about my Seven:

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