Odonata vs. Elium
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    Odonata vs. Elium

    I have been riding steel frames for 14 years, but have decided to upgrade significantly. Was able to test ride a 58cm Odonata and loved the silky smooth ride. Now the decision is, how much carbon? Odonata or Elium? (I am pretending that they both cost the same.)
    Any thought on this out there?

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    I'm riding a 57 Elium SG. It's light and has the 240lb. weight limit but it is tremendously smooth. It's somewhat springy in the bottom bracket but is extremely responsive when I get up to go. I haven't found the springiness to be a problem so don't get me wrong, I just wantedyou to know my seat of the pants experience with it. I've never ridden a full titanium bike, but I've owned one of the Lemond spine bikes and it rode similar to the Seven. The Seven is obviously lighter and somewhat smoother but the Lemond is close.

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