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    Seven "Four Seasons Expat SL"

    Hi there Seven fans,
    I have been looking at the Four Seasons Expat SL model. I have googled and searched but have not been able to find any reviews, pictures of anyones specific build with this model, or any real life experiences of anyone owning this model? Unfortunatly I am not close to any Seven dealers or Seven Cycles to be fit and/or to build/purchase the bike.

    I have talked to Seven about this and was told to have the local bike shop I would use contact them about this. I thought this was very nice of Seven to do this! I am still in the preliminary stages as I am putting together a build with pricing to see if I can pull the finances together to possibly purchase this bike.

    Is there anyone who owns this bike that has any experience with this model that would be willing to share info, any pictures/specs of the build, and anything good or bad about this bike? Below is a link to the bike, although I don't know that I would spec it out exactly like the picture as I am thinking Allfine 11, dynamo front hub, front and rear lights, probably a different rack, etc.

    Thanks in advance everyone!

    Seven Cycles | Expat SL
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