Specialized Sirrus Crank Recall (Stop Ride Order)
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    Specialized Sirrus Crank Recall (Stop Ride Order)

    Just saw this scroll by on my 'Bike Stuff' tweetdeck list...


    2019 / 2020 SIRRUS & SIRRUS X STOP RIDEDear Specialized Rider,

    At Specialized, our riders come first. When rider safety is compromised, we must take action.

    We have concluded that some cranks on certain 2019 and 2020 Sirrus and Sirrus X models may not have been installed correctly. This can potentially affect the safety of your bike.

    We are asking you to stop riding your bicycle until we can ensure it is safe. We will also ask our retailers to stop selling potentially affected models.

    We are working urgently to finalize the fix to this issue and obtain the required government approvals. We’re all riders ourselves, so getting you back on your bike is an absolute priority for our team. We fully expect this to be a simple and quick fix.

    During this chaotic time in the world, the bike has been an outlet for so many of us. We are genuinely sorry to have to ask you to pause. We are committed to making this right as fast as humanly possible.

    We will update you next week with next steps.

    Thanks for riding Specialized.

    Jon Goulet, Director of Quality

    Affected Bike Models

    Sirrus Sport (incl. EQ and Step-Through versions)
    Sirrus X Comp Carbon

    Sirrus 3.0
    Sirrus 4.0
    Sirrus X 3.0
    Sirrus X 4.0
    Sirrus X 5.0

    How to tell if your Sirrus crank is affected:

    The bike family name (i.e., “Sirrus” or “Sirrus X”) can be identified by looking at the top tube of your bike near the handlebars (see Fig. 1). It should be in plain sight when you sit in the saddle.

    The model name (i.e., “3.0” or “Sport”) is written on the right-side seat stay towards the seatpost (see Fig. 2). Look at the side of your bike where the gears are (right side when sitting on the bike) and locate the model name on the tube that goes from the rear wheel up towards your saddle.

    Figures 3 and 4 are pictures of a two-piece slotted crank, which is the type of crank affected. You can see fixing bolts on each side, which clamp the left side crankarm onto the crank spindle. If you have one of the affected model bikes, and your crank looks like this, stop riding until further notice.

    Figures 5 and 6 are pictures of cranks on Sirrus bikes that are NOT affected and are ok to keep riding. If you are still unsure whether your bike is affected, stop riding it and visit your nearest Authorized Specialized Retailer, or contact Specialized Rider Care.

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    Thanks, I just saw this about an hour ago. Bummer, my wife and I both brought these a month ago. One of my clamp bolts was loose, and the BB has some play. Hers are snug and it has no play. One LBS stated the issue is the clamp bolts will come loose and fall off, followed by the crank arm. This doesn't seem to me that a spacer could cause clamp bolts to loosen up.

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