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Thread: Through axel

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    Through axel

    Anyone had any problems with their through axel not threading properly.. I took my rear wheel off my Diverge to clean it and the through axel wont' bite to tighten..

    Any thoughts?
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    Axel is a German boy's name.
    Axle is what you are referring to.
    Hope that helps, ;-)

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    I assume your rear thru axle goes through the deraileur hangar?

    It could be that the hangar is a little loose and doesn't align properly.

    Or it could be that the hangar is tight, but slightly askew.

    Take the wheel off and take a close look at the hangar and see it's it's aligned with the hole/axle threads.

    The best way I've found to align it is to remove the wheel, loosen the hangar bolts, insert the axle, then tighten the hangar bolts with the axle inserted. This usually does the trick for me.

    I do have one bike that the hangar bolts won't tighten enough to keep it from moving. On this bike, I have to put a little upward pressure on the derailleur while I install the axle.

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