Tubeless Roval CL50 wheelset issue
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    Tubeless Roval CL50 wheelset issue

    I will post this in the wheels section as well but wondering if anyone has a solution to prevent the bead from dropping off the hook when the tire is deflated. I've done this a million times on my cross bike and mtb and the bead stays firmly attached to the hook. It makes it a pain in the ass when it drops off and you have to re-seat with a compressor. It happens when I'm just topping off sealant. Its usually so firmly attached to the bead on my other wheels I have to force it off.

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    This happens fairly often with my CL50s, as well as my other Roval rims (Schwalbe 1 TLE tires on all). That said, I can usually re-seat them using a floor pump and nothing else. It's annoying, but I'm ok with it at this point.

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