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    ETAP Project

    Etap project finally complete too bad the weather changed on me too.12.jpg15.jpg6.jpg13.jpg5.jpg1.jpg

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    could you comment on the ease of setting up?

    did you look at the SRAM video?

    I have never bought anything SRAM, but this system interests me.
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    My LBS says that it too them a while to get used to adjusting the rear derailleur since you have to adjust one cog at a time. Well I was the first set they did, so they say it took longer than normal, but now they got a hang of it.

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    Nice I buy one upgrade kit but still the bike shop don't get it. waiting for those baby's!!

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    It's ridiculously easy to set up. Not sure what they're talking about 'adjusting one cog at a time'. That makes no sense. I converted a bike that was standard Red to etap the other night in 45mins. Granted I've worked with it for almost a year now but it's easy. Really easy.

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