• 07-27-2019
    SRAM: Please fix ugly HRD hoods and overall appearance
    When SRAM came onto the road scene, two of the things they nailed were ergonomics and looks. I absolutely loved the way the hoods felt. Today, I'd buy Shimano hydraulic road systems based on both of SRAM's former strengths.

    Red has gotten uglier with nearly every release--and those hydraulic levers are awful in both the ergonomics and looks category. The new Red AXS crank is ugly, too. Shimano has passed them as if they are standing still in both areas. Maybe SRAM lost some of their best industrial design talent?

    I'd love to get an AXS system--but can't get over the ergonomics and looks.
  • 08-05-2019
    Judging by the vast number of replies this seems to be a pretty popular opinion...

    Or not.