Upgrade worth the $$$

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  • 09-05-2014
    Mark H
    Upgrade worth the $$$
    I have a 08 Cervelo RS with full Red, which I was going to replace with a new bike. But, after kicking tires at a few LBS I've decided just to upgrade my old Red group. My question is: Is the new Red worth the extra $$ over the new Force? Shopping around seems to be around $600 to $700 more for Red. I would think that the new Force 22 would be a improvement over my 7 year old Red.
    Also, can someone suggest a flat top bar. I'm tired of fighting the cables through my FSA K wings!!!
  • 09-06-2014
    The newest generation Red IMO is not work the cost over Force. They both operate and feel the same. You are only saving weight.

    Flat top bar- I like my Zipp Contour SL bar. Expensive but saving the money to buy Force will allow you to buy it.