Rim brakes frames are mostly out - what to expect in case of warranty service?
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    Rim brakes frames are mostly out - what to expect in case of warranty service?

    The 2020 MY Emonda is now on trek website and all rim brake options are gone. Considering that, I guess we can say with almost complete certainty that there will be no 2020 Domane with rim brakes.

    I could get a sweet deal on the 2019 Domane SL5, which is currently priced at 1000$ less than its disc equivalent (looks like they are clearing out the rim brake options). Thing is, I feel like if I ever have an issue with my frame in a few years, and either need a crash replacement or a warranty replacement, I'd have to acquire disc brakes, levers and wheels, as none of those would properly transfert to the new frame.

    How does Trek usually handles situations like that? Do they stock "old" frames for this purpose? Or is the customer stuck with "upgrading" his repaired bike?

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    I've only had one frame warranty and it was on a 2 year old mountain bike. They did not have my frame anymore so they gave me a few options. Unfortionaly I had to go to a single chainring on my MTB and I had to pay for the parts to accomodate it.
    So...it might be an expensive warranty clain if you had one as you would need wheels, brakes and shifters...
    Hopefully I have no issues on my '17 SLR Domane! It rocks!

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