• 12-25-2004
    Seatpost/-clamp, FD-clamp size for -04 Alpe d`Huez
    Yes, as stated, does anyone know the sizes for these components for a 2004 Alpe d´Huez? Seatpost size, seatclamp and size for the front derailleur. There is an indention where the FD is supposed to be... Is it if i use a tripple chainring setup? (i won`t) Just having a hard time coming down to any conclusions regarding these measurements. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Erol Orhun, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 12-27-2004
    Go to the LeMond tech support site at:
    and ask them your questions. They're very good about answering queries.
  • 12-28-2004
    Damn, they answered my questions within ten minutes of me asking them! Great customer service!
    Here`s the answers for anyone else wondering:

    Front derailleur clamp 34.9 mm
    Seatpost 27.2 mm outer diameter, 330 mm length
    BB 68x109.5, splined axle