Trek Owned Corporate Stores
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    Trek Owned Corporate Stores

    Has anyone else noticed Trek buying out their locally owned stores? I have 3 of them now where I live. Although I am a huge Trek fan, I really miss the mom/pop locally owned feel.
    I'm not knockin the service as they are all top notch indivudules, but it is starting to feel more like a "boutique" shop. The "shop" part is now behind walls. I miss the shops that had stuff all over.
    Just missing the old time bike shops....or am I just getting

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    Been going on for a while.

    20 October, 2017
    Trek’s bike shop buying spree continues, dealers lose out on some commission sales

    Bicycle Retailer has been tracking the firm’s steady progress in acquiring stores, reporting in February that the brand has taken over four-store Revolution Cycles, as well as reporting in May that it had added 16 store Bike Line, a chain in Philadelphia.

    In the UK, Trek has acquired a handful of businesses in recent times, with Triathlon specialist Royles perhaps the most notable name to date. Later this month, Full Gas Bikes of Sheffield will re-open as a Trek store, the fifth in the UK owned by the brand.

    Clarifying Trek’s position on the U.S. takeovers, Trek veteran Gary Fisher told CyclingIndustry.News: “We have been buying shops that want to sell in places where we don’t have representation, the dealer can’t sell the shop, or their kids don’t want to takeover the biz.

    “We have been buying what seems like a lot of shops this year, however these shops total sales are projected to be way under 10% of our total sales in the USA. Next week is Trek World in Madison. No product, 100% training and inspiration for our dealers. We are dead set on working as we always have on bringing up our independent dealers.”
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    The brands have been getting VERY peevish about consumer choice for a while. The last LBS I used....was getting heat from Scott and TREK for mutually carrying both and angry at that--as well as selling Seven.

    That shop got very corporate quick. All the floor minions with khakis and official shop polo shirts etc. Went elsewhere after basically everyone I knew who used to work there left. What was left felt like BestBuy.
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    Some stores seem to go through more of a change when Trek takes over, some don't. My shop has pretty much exactly the same feel that it did prior to Trek. It's probably because we have a few employees that have been around for a while. I've been w/ the shop for 12 years, Trek bought us 2 years ago. They've helped us out a lot and I think they realize that my service dept has a great reputation and makes them decent money.
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