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    23mm (rear) and 25mm front) tires on bike

    My frame cannot fit a 25mm tire on the rear rim (using Archetype rims which are a little wider). Has anyone tried using 25mm on the front and 23mm in back?

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    Guess there's nothing wrong with it, it just negates the reason most people use a 25mm in the back, and that's for comfort due to the higher volume. On one of my older race bikes I was unable to fit a 25mm in the rear so I was able to fit a tubeless 23mm for the comfort I was looking for at the time.
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    You can but I probably wouldn't bother. I barely noticed the difference in the front (but in the back helps quite a bit).
    Very minor point but if you like to stock up on tires when you see them on sale using two different tires makes that more complicated/guess work.

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    IMHO, I think front compliance is more important than rear. My arse is fleshier than my hands, so I can deal with less compliance there.

    I see no problems with using a wider tire wherever you can. No a problem using 25mm front/23mm rear. Adjust pressures accordingly.
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