25mm vs 28mm on aero wheels
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    25mm vs 28mm on aero wheels

    Coming from Canyon Endurace CF SL with 28 mm tires on Mavic Ksyrium Elites UST.

    Looking for mid depth aero carbon wheels upgrade, disc brake.

    Most of the market options in sub 1500$/EUR price range are designed for 25 mm tires (Cosmic Pro Carbon UST, Hunt 50 Aero, DT Swiss ERC 1400, Prime Black Edition 50, Roval CL50). Only options optimized for 28 mm I found are Reynolds AR41/AR41x (very little info on those) and ENVE SES 4.5 AR Disc (far out of the price range).

    Should I wait for the market to catch up with 28 mm trend or get something with 25 mm tires? I do 100 km rides, road only, but sometimes in poor condition. I've never ridden 25 mm.

    I like Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST, as I'm pretty amazed with UST on my Ksyriums, but 25 mm tire width worries me a bit. Should I expect a big impact in comfort if I go with 25 mm?

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    My newer Domane came with 28's. It would be real hard to go back to a 25...
    I love how they ride and only pump them up once a month....

    I'm running 38/40 Ramblers on my new Aeolus XXX 2. I would think you would be fine with a 28.

    Just my .02

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    I'm with JBarney. I love my 28s'. I have a couple of spare sets of 25s on the shelf that will likely never see the light of day.

    As far as comfort goes, it's going to depend on what pressures you are running them at. If you are a heavier rider, and/or ride where pinch flats are a significant risk, then the 28's are definitely the way to go.

    In the past, I rode 28's in winter and 25's in summer, but since I discovered how 28's ride on a slightly wider rim, I am sticking with them. I can't see a reason to go back to 25's.

    My riding is more suited to the 28's anyway, as I'm not racing, and mostly just grinding out 250-300 miles a week with the bulk coming on the weekends.

    Aero isn't really my thing, but if Aero is what your after, go with the size the manufacturer recommends. Most of the higher end wheel manufacturers have published information about the ideal tire profile for their specific rim shapes.

    road.cc has a review of the Endurace with the Reynolds Assault LE and Conti 28mm GP4000IIs. There are some good pictures of that rim with the 28's. It's a very aerodynamic looking setup.


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    Vision Metrons came OEM on my Domane SL6 Disc. The depth is 40mm and Iím running 32mm rubber.

    The setup is cushy and handles great. A note of caution: wider tires are fairly heavy. I just bought some Bontager R3s which Re specíd at 290 g. The 25s are 240g IIRC.

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