Bontrager affinity wheels trustworthy?
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    Bontrager affinity wheels trustworthy?

    Some cat I was riding with the other day was wheezing on about cracks in the Bontrager wheels. He said he personally knew several people whose Bontrager wheels developed these cracks and ultimately had to be replaced.

    I'm assuming he was talking about carbon wheels. Have there been any problems with the Affinity tubeless ready wheels (which I believe are an aluminum alloy)?

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    Back in the mid-2000's, Bontrager was using a paired spoke design in their Bontrager Race wheels. These were very prone to spoke hole cracks. I had a pair of these and the rear wheel had cracks at 4K miles. I'm only 170lbs, but I do a lot of hill climbing.

    Bontrager has long since abandoned the paired spoke pattern design. CXWrench is very familiar with recent Bontrager wheels and he could fill you in on whether these are reliable or not.
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    OP seems to be having some Bontrager issues. AFAI have experienced the Affinity wheels are good to go.
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