Challenge Almanzo Replacement
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    Challenge Almanzo Replacement

    Here's a look at the tread and specs:

    These are exactly what I like for my gravel bike most of the time.

    The thing is, I'm getting sick of the treads coming unglued and needing to glue them back on there with shoe goo (which works great by the way). It's happened with all 5 or so I've had that were purchased at different times from a couple different places so I'm not calling it a fluke.

    Any suggestions for similar tread, size and ride quality? A little bigger would be fine. I use tubes by the way so tubeless compatible doesn't matter to me.

    Basically what I'm looking for is something that I'm comfortable with on pretty bad gravel/trails but doesn't bog down to much on asphalt. Basically and aggressive file pattern in the middle with tiny lugs on the side and good TPI.

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    I've been happy with some X'plor MSO in 40mm on my gravel bike. But since that's all I've ever used I'm no real help with what's good.

    I see the X'plor is considerable heaver so that might not make you happy.

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    Thanks J.R.

    I actually have a set of those and they are great for when I'm on especially rough gravel roads and out in the woods on trails.

    But they seem a bit heavy/slow for good surface gravel mixed with asphalt riding which is what I use the Challenge tires for.

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