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    Click - click - click

    On my Reynolds tubular wheels. What could be causing this? I have a once per rotation click on my rear wheel. The funny thing is my brakes have plently of clearance and there is no noise whatsoever when I spin the wheels without any weight on them (nothing comes close to making contact on the wheel). I only get the noise when I'm on the bike. I notice the sound is louder when I am running low tire pressure than when I am running high tire pressure. If the pressure is high enough there is no sound. The hubs are solid and there is no play.

    I think I saw on this board that the stem hole on the Reynolds wheels could cause some noises. It is a large hole for the stem. Is this the cause? How do you fix it?

    It really does not bother me much, but it was bugging the piss out of my Anal Retentive teammate at a race yesterday. I was running fairly low pressures since it was a course with lots of sharp corners and was quite loud at these pressures.

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    My thought is perhaps one of the nipples isn't fully tightened? Maybe there is a little play there.
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    24,234 might have an area on either side of the valve that you didn't put enough glue.
    Since most valve areas have a small "hump", the click you hear, may be from the tire pulling away from an under-glued area. I had the same problem with a front wheel. It lasted for 100 miles before it went away. You could really hear it when you rode slow.
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    Valve stem. wrap a piece of tape, or rubber band around the stem where it exits the rim. Yes, this was covered in a post recently.

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