favorite 28mm tires?

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  • 11-17-2007
    favorite 28mm tires?
    I'm like w/my 25 mm Rubino Pros, and would to try something in a 28 with a good ride like these and at a reasonable price? What do you like, and where have you found the best prices on them?
  • 11-19-2007
    Specialized All-Condition and, Rivendell Rolly Polly. Both are very nice 28s, with the All-Condition on the small side of 28 and, the RP on the large side. Nothing beats more rubber on the road.
  • 11-19-2007
    +1 for Specialize All Condition
    I really like the All Conditions Armadillos. Some find them overly heavy and lacking in ride quality and handling. Compared to race tires they are both. However, they are also freaking bullet proof. For training, commuting and general riding, bullet proof trumps everything else IMHO.
  • 11-20-2007
    I've enjoyed my Ruffy Tuffys, although they are a bit pricy.