going from boost to standard 12x100
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    going from boost to standard 12x100

    I've just a bike and while it's a great bike its wheels standars sucks. I have boost at rear and 12x100 up front. I want to buy a new boost native wheelset and wondering if I would be able to convert the front 12x110 boost to standard 12x100.

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    It's doubtful that you'd find a wheelset with a mixed setup like that but even if you did you'd be taking on more work/expense than you'd need to. 3 options:

    1. You might be able to find individual wheels with similar enough rims that come in multiple hub sizes that you could use. DT Swiss, I9, Mavic etc may have some available like this. But it's likely that the boost rear wheels are going to sport significantly wider rims than whatever similar 12x100 front wheel you find. This is because boost wheels are typically made for mountain biking and the trend there as it is in road cycling is for wider rims. 30mm inside diameter rims are not unusual in mtb and that may or may not suit your needs. The better options are probably #2 or #3.............

    2. Go to www.bikehubstore.com or www.prowheelbuilder.com or your LBS and order the parts you need to do your own wheel build or have your LBS do it for you. You could easily put together a wheelset from these sources to suit your needs. For example:

    Front Hub: https://www.bikehubstore.com/product-p/mtf.htm
    Rear Hub: https://www.bikehubstore.com/BX211R-p/bx211r.htm
    Rims: https://www.bikehubstore.com/Kinlin-...k-p/xr31ts.htm

    Then you'd just have to add your spokes and nipples and have them built or learn to do it yourself. I've done it and it's not hard and kinda' fun!

    3. There are adapters: https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-rep...kits-compiled/ If you had to buy a set, just use the one for the rear wheel.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of bike do you have? I've never seen one with a mixed hubset like that.
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    Since you have totally failed to provide any useful information that would help answer your question all I can say is 'who knows'? Generally you can't go from boost to standard or back because the hub flange spacing is too wide...that's the whole reason for boost in the first place.

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