Good Short Read On Hook Vs. Hookless Rim Technology
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    Good Short Read On Hook Vs. Hookless Rim Technology

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    Was a good read. Thx
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    Thank you for posting the link. Very well written and researched article.

    I am staying with tubes for now on my road bikes.....

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    Back when I first started riding bikes about 35 years ago, there were cheap rims made by Araya that were hookless. They were called straight-sided rims back then. You were only supposed to use a steel beaded tire with them and they weren't for high pressure. I blew off a 27x1-1/4 tire at 80 psi. They basically sucked. Now these dumb hookless rims are being foisted on the public as something new and better. The fact is, the carbon rim makers came up with this BS because they were having problems forming a proper bead hook on a rim. Then they spun the marketing speak saying that they were lighter and had more impact resistance. I guess that works with low pressure tubeless mountain bike tires but I certainly wouldn't use them for road use and probably not for gravel bike use either.

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    thanks for posting, good article. I'm surprised Continental hasn't changed it's design on the 5000 TL.
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