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Tried same combination you found me absolutely agree with you (best control and best performance) but I am converting tubeless the same, why?
1) ever thought about consequences of tube exploding (because of manufacture fault, rim heat etc...going flat in one second)
2) what you do if flat twice or more in a trip? Bring with you many spare tubes? (me bring tubeless worms kit)
3) rims now are tubeless ready means have to struggle both for mount and unmount whatever kind of tyre, I choose tubeless, ok are a bit harder, but less chances to mount/unmount

(sorry for my not good english)
Hey, your English is far better than my Italian.

Sorry, I haven't been convinced to go tubeless. The messy sealant issues alone is enough to deter me. Besides that, I don't get flats very often - maybe once a year.