Gum/skin/tan sidewall tires
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    Gum/skin/tan sidewall tires

    Is there any benefit or difference, other than aesthetics, for these types of tires?

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    Certainly none I can detect. I've used both for a couple different tire models and perform the same far as I can tell.

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    There I was...

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    no idea how they perform.

    have never purchased any as they look hideous.
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    I prefer them, but if you're fastidious about keeping your bike clean, be forewarned, they get dirty. 'Specially if you're running aluminum rims and rim brakes. More so if you ride in the rain.

    I can't say how easy/tough they are to clean because I don't bother, not minding the look of dirty sidewalls. Kind of a visual cue that the bike is ridden, not pampered.
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    I've used every variety of sidewall and I've never been able to pin down any qualitative difference. It's never made any difference to me anyway. Whenever I shop for a new tire I care about other issues. Such as is the tire stiff? Compliant? Does the rubber feel sticky enough to make me confident it won't skid when I careen around a corner? Does it feel light or does it feel like it's made of lead? I also love it when, after the tire is mounted, it's round and not lumpy when you spin it.
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    Red is the fastest of the visible colors, so red sidewalls should be what we're all riding.

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    No difference other than aesthetics.
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