• 07-20-2020
    Hubs choice Novatec, Bitex, DT

    Was wondering how you categorize the hubs from this list from good to worse or are they all about the same, reliable, easy to service etc.

    Build price next to the number
    Nova D411, D412 - $617 weight 1489g
    Bitex B312 - $664 weight 1437g
    DT 350 - $699 weight 1557g

  • 07-31-2020
    I'd rate dt far higher. IMO, the bitex and novatec are under built. Way too light. Something's gotta give. If these are for MTb or cx then the freehub will disintegrate at some time. Ok for road but always felt a little vague out of the saddle. Axles need to be a lot sturdier. You won't have any problems with DT350s.