I think I may have narrowed it down.
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    I think I may have narrowed it down.

    So, after starting countless threads and learning quite a bit...i think i may have narrowed down exactly 'how' to buy bicycle wheels. But probably more like: what to buy with your budget.
    If budget is....
    <$500...Just get whatever you can...might not be much quality
    500-1200...Get a really quality custom handmade set (alloy)
    1200-2200...Machine-built deep carbon
    2200+....a real sexy pair of handbuilt carbon tubies.

    Is this right??
    Am i even close?????
    Reason I made this was because for the longest time...I had wanted some deep carbon wheels....but my budget was about 1k. So, technically I could get some deep carbon, but it wouldn't be much quality. And i think i may have just gotten through my thick skull that I can't get carbon w/ my budget.

    So, input please?

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    What was the question again? Awww never mind, just get a set of these; the price of a really good used car.

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    Ya you have it about right. For your budget of 1k you will be able to get a great set of alloy hoops with a stellar set of hubs. As far as carbon wheels go you will be able to find them in that price range but they will use cheap asian made parts along with being really heavy.

    Bling aside... For 1k a nice set of alloy wheels is going to be a better performing and longer lasting set of wheels.

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    If you're a good, patient shopper, you should be able to get new Easton or Reynolds deep carbon wheels on-line for around $1K. In my own experience, Easton seems to be good quality at a very good price.

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