November making their own brand of carbon wheels again.
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    November making their own brand of carbon wheels again.

    A few years ago November Bicycles got out of the carbon wheel business (at least making their own rims) for various reasons. They have recently brought back their signature Rail, which is now a 55mm depth (previously 52).

    My only complaint is there isn't a disc brake option. Otherwise, the pricing is very competitive and appears to be even better than when I bought my set of Rail 52's with WI T11 hubs (I think mine were $1385 pre-order).
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    To clarify, these aren't rims that we designed* or are our exclusive rim. So it's not exactly the same as the original Rail series, which were our own design, mold, everything. Having your own proprietary stuff doesn't make sense at our volume. I think that even bigger brands struggle to keep a full variety of rim options available and in stock. The economics of proprietary are pretty murderous and the benefit these days is thin to non-existent.

    The reason that there isn't a disc brake option is that we have 3 other disc brake rims which cover the spectrum of road uses, and are a bit wider. The Rail rim brake rims are meant to be friendlier to rim brake bikes of a few years ago, which generally weren't tolerant of very wide rims and tires. Disc brake bikes generally don't have these kind of width restrictions, so we go with wider rims there.

    We've also added a 25mm deep Rail. Alloy rim brake rim options are dropping like flies, and not everyone wants a rim as deep as 55mm, so we've added to 25 to cover that ground.

    *We might as well have designed the Rail 55. It's like they took a Rail 52 and stretched it 3mm deeper.

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