Opinions on / Experience with Renn Discs?
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    Opinions on / Experience with Renn Discs?

    just had a quick question for anyone out there who's had experience riding/owning any of hte Renn disc wheel products. what's the quality?
    there are quite a few TT's around my area in the next month or two and I want to get that experience in, but on a grad. student's budget, the Zipp or HED line are currently out of the question...

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    Cheaper option...

    No experience with Renn disc, but have you looked at disc wheel covers. Specifically, ltcycles.com makes a carbon fiber disc wheel cover which only weighs 200 grams. They sell them for $125 shipped. At that weight you could find a fairly light wheel and have something very aero at around 1000-1100 grams. I'm awaiting mine as we speak...

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    I have a Renn disc

    It works fine. In addition to costing significantly less, I think its a little lighter than the HEDs as well. I have had mine for about 4 months and done several TTs on it already. Have one tonight if it doesn't get rained out. I use a HED Trispoke on the front. Very well made and true. Also, they have a clincher version if you don't want to go to the trouble of mounting tubulars.

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    grad student w/Renn here

    It's a good disk - very true and well made. If you do more than a handful of tt's per year, it's definitly worth it over wheel covers. Amazingly light for a $400 disk and has a pretty nice ride. It's not as stiff or light as a $1300 Zipp disk, but pretty close and on any decently flat tt course, you will never know the difference.

    I got one of the older pre- 575 models on a team/closeout deal from the owner (Frank). It developed a minor bearing imperfection that bugged me (the other team wheels are fine thus far) and while I paid $12 to ship it back to him, Frank quickly replaced the bearings with his current better ones for free. I've also heard from others that his customer service is tough to beat. I'd purchase another wheel from him in a heartbeat.

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