Opinions On New Tires

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  • 08-22-2019

    Originally Posted by cxwrench View Post
    Nice! I'd expect you'd not love really low pressure if your style is like you say. I worked w/ a guy that pushed the front end really hard in corners and just couldn't go below 25-27 or he'd feel the tire starting to roll over. I don't have your skills on the mtb :D

    now you said you setup your pressure for the conditions you ride in 99.9999% of the time and not worry about the .000001% of the time that'll get a pinch flat, and that is because you don't blindly run over objects. I use same logic for the road. However, for dirt, I set up my bike not for the 99.9999% but the .00001% where I might do a huck and land on a root or an edgy rock, which I have destroyed 2 rear rims due to too low psi. Low psi is great if you're looking for a supple ride, which is what most people looking to do. But if like to hit it in berms and camber hard to g-out, then personally I prefer higher psi for a stiffer feedback to the handlebars (nothing kills confidence faster than jello feeling in a g out), and I even prefer stiffer shock settings too, short travel and stiff. I'm not a downhiller so I don't like long cushy suspension bikes (sucks on climbing too), i'm more of a roadie who came from bmx/dirtjump background, so I have always setup my bikes (road and mtb) to be stiff.

    having said that, so i checked the psi of my tires this morning, apparently I let out enough air yesterday to set 18psi for the front, 20psi rear, one extreme to another :eek::p:D