Oval 723 wheelset
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    Oval 723 wheelset

    Looking to identify the real Oval 723 wheels. I bought a Fuji Cross 1.1 almost 2 years ago. It has the Oval 723 wheels. Not the best or lightest but these things have been bombproof. I mean screaming down rocky/rooty, Pennsylvania singletrack where youd be scared on a mountain bike bombproof. Id like to get a 2nd set of these but Oval doesnt sell them individually, only on complete bikes. Im sure theyre probably OEM DT Swiss hubs with Velocity rims or something similar and just rebranded. Anyone know for sure? Figured Id figure out the OEM part and just have them built.

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    I'm pretty sure some of the lower end Oval Concepts use Formula hubs. Don't know about higher end. Sometimes you can get an idea of what company manufactured the hubs/wheels if you take off the cassette and look for markings on the freehub. Could be KT? Anyway, sourcing the exact parts to build matching wheels may be hard or impossible.

    There's a company that always has random Fuji / Oval Concepts parts on sale, although they don't seem to have any 723 wheelsets right now:
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    Not the 723's, but I've also had solid experience with the Oval 527s that came stock on my Fuji Transonic. I use 'em as bad weather/beater wheels behind my HED Jet 6's. Bulletproof carrying my 175-180lbs over 1300 miles of typically bad Midwest roads and still spinning nice & true. Weight not bad either at 1640g (actual measured weight with rim strips but no skewers). Might consider 527's if you can't find those 723s, although I don't see any Oval wheels at all on RandomBikeParts at the moment.

    AFAIK- https://www.bikecollc.com (AdvancedSports) is the present distributor of Fuji/Oval Concepts stuff in the US.

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