painting stainles spokes

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  • 05-19-2012
    Isnt there some kind of chemical or electrical coating process for steel? Like anodizing aluminum, but for steel?
  • 05-20-2012

    Originally Posted by 9er View Post
    White spokes are cool. My rear wheel, where they cross gets noisy at times. Weird.
    Good luck and prep the heck out of those things.

    Drop some tri-flow in between where they cross.
  • 05-20-2012

    Originally Posted by deviousalex View Post
    Drop some tri-flow in between where they cross.

    Gonna try that now. Thanks.
    And if it doesn't work, I'll have some white spokes for sale.....
  • 04-15-2019
    Refreshing the topic.

    Did anybody painted spokes? I've seen couple of wheelbuilding projects with custom painted spokes so it's possible.

    I have such project coming up so any advice would be much appreciated