Panaracer Race Type D EVO2
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    Panaracer Race Type D EVO2

    Hey guys I just thought I would post something about the new set of tires I got because I haven't found much out there on them. I got a set of Panaracer Race Type D EVO2s from Excel Sports on sale for $34 each. I have been experimenting with tires for the last few seasons trying to find the perfect tire. Now that I'm not road racing any more I want a tire that is durable and wont flat every other ride. But I't also has to grip in 50 or 60mph corners (I still love ripping down canyon roads) and give me really good feedback. I am a former motorcycle racer I like being able to feel when my tires are at the edge of traction. So last season I ran Michelin Pro4 Endurance tires. Not bad tire but just didn't do any thing to excite me.

    Now on to the Panracers. The type D is the tougher more puncture resistant version of the Race line. I got them in 23mm claimed at 230g. I don't have a scale so I couldn't verify that. They are a dual compound tire with a harder center for longer life and softer sides for better grip. The profile of the tire is also different with a raised center and steeper angle sides to give you more tire on the ground when leaned over. I have had them out for a few rides and got a chance to chuck them in to some high speed descending corners.

    Mounting them was not vary hard on a set of Campy Zonda 2way fits. compared to the Pro4s they are a narrow 23 and not as tall. According to the sidewall they are also rated for higher PSI. Up to 150psi I like to run my tires at 120 any thing less and they feel squashy and I don't feel like I get the feedback I like. Out on the road I am impressed with the ride quality its not harsh at all. They roll vary fast on a flat road and build speed on descents vary quickly. When you enter a corner the transition on to the side of the tire is vary quick and feels vary natural. The feeling of grip is vary good one of the best I have felt ever. They are vary confidence inspiring after the first fast corner I there was no question I had traction. Quick right to left direction changes also happen fast and I never felt like I was asking too much of the tires. I only have a hand full of rides on them right now so I cant say how long they will last yet. But my early impressions are of a really high quality tire thats well thought out for high performance cornering.

    Just to give a better idea of what kind of riding I am doing with them this is a section for todays ride. Strava Segment | Stadium Hill descent (from resevoir lookout point to stadium drop off point)
    Its a fast descent in to a right hand tightening radius corner with a T intersection opening up to lefthand sweeper. I am entering the Corner at 42 MPH slowing to 23mph before making the turn. You have to be vary vary hard on the brakes going in almost to the point of lock up. Its a really good test of a tire at the T intersection if the tire compound is too hard you will lock up and slide and if the side compound is to hard you wont feel like you can push the bike over on to its side before you let off the brakes because you don't come to a stop at the intersection. You have to push the bike over and make the turn before you can let off. Then the fast downhill sweeper I took at 48mph. The road for the first half the is fresh pavement. After the intersection it changes to chip seal. So its a also a really good test of how the tire will give you feedback on 2 different surfaces under hard loads both braking and lateral G.

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    How are they on wet pavement? I tried a set a few years back and they were fine in the dry but had the traction of ball bearings on a greased sheet of glass in the wet.

    Which was wierd because I'd used earlier Panaracers which were good in the wet.

    So maybe they changed the compound.

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    I don't know we haven't had much rain so I haven't gotten to try them out in the rain. I'm not a big fan of riding in the rain so I avoid it as much a possible.

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