Is it possible to chip a CF rim installing tires?
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    Is it possible to chip a CF rim installing tires?

    I was putting on a new set of Continental GP 4000 IIs on a pair of aluminum rims, and the only way I could do it was with the Tire Bead Jack. I was thinking about how much stress this puts on the rim, and sometimes the jack slips off and snaps across the rim.

    I've never owned carbon rims, but that's not to say I never will. Is there a danger of chipping or cracking the lip of the rim when installing tires? Are there special precautions?

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    it is absolutely possible to damage a carbon rim installing a tire - particularly using the wrong type of tool.

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    I have a tire bead jack. Have used it on carbon rims with tubeless tires. No issues. I've never had it slip off like you say. Not sure why yours is.

    Yes, you could chip/crack a carbon rim if you do it wrong. I'd be much more concerned with tire leavers chipping carbon rims though.
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    Definitely possible. If you're having these problems you might want to have a very competent mechanic show you how to accomplish certain jobs.
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    Iv'e seen them chipped with screwdrivers, but plastic should be safe.

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