Replcement Rim Suggestions!
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    Replcement Rim Suggestions!

    Hi All, I need to replace a rim that is cracked around the spokes. This is my bike: (Whistler 70)

    I can't find any info on my current clincher rim (700C) for my 32mm tires. I'm looking to replace it with a rim that is "fast" on pavement and can handle well on dirt and gravel trails. I don't know much about rim profiles or rim technology, etc, so I'm looking for some suggestions on manufacturers of rims that perform well and aren't too costly. Also, any links to info on how to choose a rim would be helpful too! Thanks!
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    I don't know anything about mountain bike disc brake rims, but I think those who do will need to know what size tires you use and if you use tubes or tubeless in order to offer suggestions.

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    Most likely, you are looking at a WHEEL replacement, not a rim replacement Alex wheels are an entry level budget product. To rebuild this wheel with a new rim would cost more than that wheel is worth.

    It looks like you need something with a 6-bolt disc and a quick release that will handle 700c x 32mm tires. How much money are you willing to spend? Have you been to a bike shop and asked what they have? This would be the safest option to make sure you get what you need.
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