Spoke tension Meter Question.
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    Spoke tension Meter Question.

    I am checking the spoke tension on a pair of wheels I have with a Park spoke tension meter. I noticed that on the rear wheel (driver side) that there are different tensions for the spokes that cross underneath vs the ones that cross over the top of another spoke (2 cross pattern). Is this normal? Or should I be retensioning the spokes so they are exactly the same regardless of the cross over position?

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    Spokes on the DS should be uniform throughout. If your having problems with spoke tension, first try stress relieving the wheel thoroughly. Then, get all spokes on the DS up to exact tension. Then, go through and accomodate NDS tension. This should get you to where you need to be.

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    There are 2 possiblities. The most likely is that you have a balanced pattern of unequal tension. If all the pulling spokes on teh drive side are tenser than the pushing spokes, the pulling spokes on the other side will be looser than the pushing spokes, or vice versa.
    If you can't find that pattern, you may have a measurement problem. A Park TM1 will give a slightly different reading depending on whether the spoke is curved a little toward the pointer or away from it. You didn't say how much difference in tension you had, but if it's small, that might be the problem. Try plucking the spokes and listen for differences in pitch. That's a pretty accurate way of judging differences, even if you can't estimate that absolute tension.
    If you decide you need to correct it, follow Zen's advice, but be careful not to over-tension the wheel.


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